Lionel Wibault

artiste peintre

Dare to be free

These few words written on a beam in Lionel Wibault’s studio encapsulate the character of a man who fits no mould; he goes wherever and paints however he pleases and speaks as he finds.
Born in Chamonix in 1947, Lionel WIBAULT is an imaginative and unconventional artist who is who he is thanks to two activities that embody two different lifestyles: painting and mountaineering. He combines these two crafts with a consummate flair that converts them into paeans to creative talent and freedom of expression.

Art is in the blood

Lionel is the only son of Marcel WIBAULT, a regional artist who is today highly rated and sort after as a painter of mountains. As a child Lionel often slept in his father’s studio amidst the canvases and paints. Throughout his early years he watched his father paint with exceptional prowess.
Brought up in an atmosphere of love for painting and mountains, Lionel has kept to his artistic heritage.